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Getting to know the islands

Research and conservation go hand in hand. The more work, effort and analysis we do in protecting our taong, the more we discover new opportunities, different ways of doing things, and new challenges.


Aoteoroa has the highest rate of threatened endemism in the world. This simply put, we have more wildlife at threat of going extinct than any other place on earth. Granted, this is partly due to the fact that wildlife has been lost from so much of the rest of the planet already, but here on places like the Whangamata Tunaiti island group we have a very special opportunity to halt, and even reverse, the tide of lost bio-diverstiy from the world around us.


Research, species monitoring, reintroducing wildlife, and continuously exploring new ways of protecting our special taonga is crucial to achieving this goal. 

Take a look here to read more on the Hauraki Seabirds Report.

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